ABNLP Approved NLP Trainer’s Training & Evaluation

This training is being facilitated personally by Master Trainer Dr. Kim Redman. Dr. Redman is the internationally accepted expert in Quantum Leadership™. Kim is Canada’s only Board Certified Master Trainer of both NLP and Hypnosis. She is one of a small but elite group of trainers that include Tony Robbins, David Shephard, and Drs. Tad and Adriana James. In addition to her NLP and Hypnosis Training, Kim has spent over twenty-five years studying the Ancient Wisdoms and synergizing them into the leadership skills most coveted by industry leaders. In addition to her NLP and Hypnosis Training, Kim is the only Master Trainer to be professionally stage trained and has spent over ten years training public speakers while she was professionally touring. You’ll find Kim’s performance background adds several trade secrets and specialized skills to this Quantum NLP™ Trainer’s Training.

This training has a high ratio of trainers to students in order to support each candidate in the fun and fast-paced environment. You’ll receive the attention and the immediate feedback you need to reinforce your own success. Seats are very limited, so sign up early!

Why our Quantum NLP™Trainer’s Training?

Quantum NLP™ Trainer’s Training is the ultimate in Trainer’s Training. If you are looking to own the room, the negotiation, the sale, the training, or any group environment, then this training is for you. This training makes the difference between being a good presenter and an industry leading presenter.

Excellence is a habit, and this training will install the skill sets and behaviours that make brilliant presenting an automatic skill. Certification, a successful evaluation, and entrance into the Boards will also allow the candidate to become a Board Designated and Approved Institute and train Board Approved NLP trainings at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. Any organization can say “Certified”. “Board Certified and Designated” speaks to the international recognition and transferability of your credentials and an ease in leveraging your certification as a marketing tool. Very few organizations on the planet can offer this to you.

Since our candidates arrive from many different professional backgrounds, you will be participating in group presentations within your professional arena; most often this is either business and sales, education, health care or coaching. The content of your presentations will be on specific areas of NLP which allows you to easily integrate what you already know about NLP while you master new material and presentation skills.

Being an industry leading presenter and NLP Trainer means being part educator, part entertainer, part storyteller, and part hypnotist who can impart information with charisma, dynamic energy, and humour. You can expect the same from your Master Trainer Dr. Kim Redman.

What will Quantum NLP™ Trainer’s Training teach you?

Masterful Presentation and Charisma Skills:

  • Master the Trainer’s State and instantly access information through multiple representational systems at once
  • Remove fear of public speaking and stage fright – truly and permanently!
  • Read the Room; regardless of audience size
  • Go from note reading to Masterful Presenting
  • Stay connected and create rapport with an audience of 5, 50, 500, or 5,000!
  • Beyond Rapport; all the way to bonding
  • Ecology and Ethics; processes which increase group bonding
  • Stay energized for whole day, and throughout multi-day trainings
  • Stay in “Up-Time” and all that implies
  • Master the Charisma Pattern
  • Master the Vocal Secrets of professional entertainers

Training Design and Structure:

  • Learn the specific steps to accessing and using all Learning/Training Styles
  • Utilize Trance in learning
  • Teach to both the Conscious and the Unconscious
  • Advanced Training Design and the 4-Mat system
  • Nested Loops
  • Learning Strategies in training
  • Room setups; follow natural brain learning
  • Application of Modelling; install skill sets up to ten times faster

Language of Leadership and Empowerment Training:

  • Covert and Overt Pre-Teaching of topics to the Unconscious
  • Hypnotic Language; patterns for Trainers
  • Multiple Embedded Metaphors and Embedded Commands for learning
  • Logical Levels: the secret of transforming students while answering questions
  • Quantum Linguistics to shift resistance and create new choices
  • Stage Vocality; projection, tonality and pitch for impact

NLP Trainer Platform Skills:

  • State Elicitation of individuals and groups
  • Visual, Kinesthetic, Phrase and State Anchoring of groups
  • Chaining Anchors and Universals for enhanced learning and transformation
  • Stage Anchors; step by step use and installation
  • Satir Categories and Archetypes
  • Stage Use and Professional Performance Secrets
  • Group Dynamics and Management; specifics for leadership and empowerment
  • Life cycles of Groups

Group Coaching and Dynamics:

  • Handle power struggles; individually and in group dynamics
  • Art of Group Coaching
  • Feedback and Tasking for maximum transformation
  • Utilize Distractions
  • Manage Saboteurs
  • Testing

Transformation Dynamics:

  • Accelerated Learning; what happens and how to manage it
  • Accelerated Learning and Memory Tools
  • Meta Programs in Training
  • Values Level Platforms in Training
  • Values Program Management in Training
  • Personality Assessments in Training

Building a Successful Training Business:

  • Understand the Business of Training
  • The Expert Model™ of HOW to Build a Training Business regardless of industry
  • Positioning and Leveraging of Designations and Expertise
  • Marketing Transformation and other Intangibles
  • Building Business Relationships via Value Level Platforms
  • Quantum NLP Practitioner and Quantum Master NLP Practitioner Curriculum
  • Turn-Key Operations: Graduate and Go!
  • Curriculum, Manuals and Slide Presentations are available for graduate purchase
  • The elite Quantum Business Mastery™ mastermind group personally led by Dr. Redman is available to successful graduates

How Do I Become Certified and Professionally Designated?

Quantum NLP™ Trainer’s Training includes the ABNLP Approved 4 Day Evaluation that tests your written and demonstrated NLP skills, your newly refined presentation skills, as well as the ethics and ecology that are necessary to lead an Approved Institute. Upon successful completion you will become Certified in Completion by Creatrix Go Quantum® and approved for Board Designation with the ABNLP as an NLP Trainer and International Institute.

Certification Benefits:

  • ABNLP has the highest standards of ANY certifying body on the planet
  • International Transferability of your designations
  • Positioning and Leveraging
  • Inclusion in a hugely viable and lucrative field that is recession resistant!
  • Cross platform applications to any training field
  • Professional designations and recognition in the field of Leadership and Empowerment

What do I need to take part?

  • Knowledge of both NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner skill sets
  • Current certification as a Master Practitioner of NLP
  • A desire to learn in a fun, fast-paced, international environment
  • Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis certifications are not required, but are helpful
  • Previous experience with presenting or training is not required, but is helpful
  • All participants will be screened by Dr. Kim Redman prior to admission

Enrol Now: Call 905-727-4676 for your pre-entrance interview

Fee for Quantum NLP™ Trainer’s Training and Board Evaluation: $14,299.75* + HST Payment plans and options are available for qualified candidates, so enrol now! Email: hannah@creatrixgoquantum.com

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who presents or trains in any topic
  • All speakers and those who seek to make keynotes with tremendous impact
  • Managers, sales managers, team leaders and those who work with groups
  • Educators who have child, teen, or adult students
  • Any NLP Master Practitioner that wants to train and board certify others in NLP
  • Anyone looking to transition or grow in the field of leadership and empowerment
  • Anyone seeking the ability to empower themselves and others in a changing environment

Quantum Trainer’s Training™ Brochure